Here are some javascript tests and tools. Clicking the link will open the page into the frame below.

RegExTester Javascript utility for checking the results of your Regular Expression.
lister Sample code for allowing the user to transfer choices from one select box to another. This is based on a design pattern derrived from the original Mac Font/DA mover from the early 1980's. If you know the name of the design patter, please let me know, because I forgot.
float Sometimes this is called a tooltip. Great for acronyms or definitions. Mousing over the special text will popup a floating div.
breakout Made for collapsing and expanding div tags. Useful if you have a list of items where you would want to expand or collapse some of the details.
mousepos Shows how to get the correct mouse position for both normal browsers and IE.
tabs Fundamental example of tabbed windows inside of a browser code home E-Mail Tom Crofton